Laying Tips

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The term "cleanability" identifies the capacity of a material to allow the removal of the dirt and dust deposited on the surface, so as to ensure the necessary standard of hygiene.

SMG Overseas materials offer a high level of cleanability thanks to their compactness and unsurpassable impermeability factor.

- Cleaning for the first time
After completing the various laying phases, there is just one thing left to do: cleaning. Adequate cleaning enhances the aesthetic qualities of the laid material, whilst also establishing that level of cleanability typical of Iris Ceramica materials.

In addition to the technical and aesthetic qualities of the material, in order to be a complete success an SMG Overseas floor also requires elements such as a foundation, an adhesive layer and expansion joints, which together comprise a real flooring system. A perfect end result is only guaranteed if the laying operations are performed correctly.

The floor should preferably be laid using adhesives, following the instructions provided by the adhesive manufacturers.

The sheets are easy to move and can be lifted with ease since their thinness makes them lighter than other traditional ceramic stone wear and natural stones. When moving the sheet, we recommend placing it in a vertical position and lifting and moving it perpendicular to the ground with the combined action of two people and appropriate suction cups. The sheets can be stored in a horizontal position by overlapping one upon the other and leaning on clean surfaces that are free from objects.

As an alternative, the sheets can be stored vertically by leaning them on wood supports.