Why Choose Us

Lead by a group of dynamic and experienced businessmen from the ceramic sector, SMG promises to deliver latest designs in vitrified tiles.


SMG OVERSEAS STONES was established in India from 2002. The company has since grown to become a highly experienced and reliable supplier . We assure clients that they will receive the best standards of product and service. Our company policy targets on working closely with our clients and providing optional solutions to their natural stone requirements. We closely monitor factory production and give prompt personal service. We maintain supervisors specifically for quality control and ensure that materials are delivered as originally specified. Lead by a group of dynamic and experienced businessmen from the natural stone, engineered stone, and sanitary wares, smg promises to promises to deliver latest colour and finish.


Heat and stain resistant

Thin and light

Dimensional Stability

Highy Non Porous

Crystalline Polish

Dry Granula Coating

The Making Process

Lustrous polish of smg - in case of wet glaze /lustrous, after polishing generally in other factory there is some weavyness on surface.. in our case the intensity of weavyness weakness is controlled as we polish from Italina line.. hence polish quality and flatness in our lustrous surface is better then other factory in China/Italy.. etc.